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Region 2 DVD

Commentary by William Russell (Ian), Carole Ann Ford (Susan), Jo Greig (2nd Sensorite), Martyn Huntley (First Human), Giles Phibbs (Second Human), Frank Cox (Director), Raymond Cusick (Designer), Sonia Markham (Make-up Designer) and Toby Hadoke (Moderator).

Looking for Peter Edit

Toby Hadoke goes in search of the enigmatic Peter R Newman.

Vision On Edit

The tricks of putting together a television show drama 'as live' are discussed by vision mixer Clive Doig.

Secret Voices of the Sense-Sphere Edit

Clive Doig reveals the truth behind the mysterious background voices in The Sensorites.

Photo Gallery Edit

Production, design and publicity photos from the story.

Radio Times Listings Edit

Episode listings for The Sensorites from the BBC Magazine Radio Times (DVD-ROM only - to be viewed on PC or Mac).

Production Subtitles Edit

Subtitles provide the viewer with cast details, script development and other information related to the production of The Sensorites.

Coming Soon Edit

An exclusive trailer for a foorthcoming Doctor Who DVD release.