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Commentary Edit

Commentary by Tom Baker (The Doctor), Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah-Jane Smith) and Philip Hinchcliffe (Producer).

Roger Murray-Leach Interview Edit

The designer of The Ark in Space, Roger Murray-Leach, looks back on his contribution to this and other stories (The Sontaran Experiment, Planet of Evil, The Deadly Assassin, The Talons of Weng-Chiang) in this specially recorded interview. Interviewer: Peter Finklestone; Videotape Editor: Adam Trotman; Producer: Paul Vanezis. (10'29" | 4:3 | 2002)

Tom Baker Interview (Points West Location Report) Edit

Before Tom Baker was seen on-screen as the Fourth Doctor, a BBC local news crew caught up with the Doctor Who team during filming for Revenge of the Cybermen at Wookey Hole. Here, Tom Baker gives a unique insight into how the public might react to his new interpretation of the role. Reporter: Gwyn Richards. Broadcast: 21st November 1974. Also available on Revenge of the Cybermen. (5'56" | 4:3 | 1974)

Model Sequences Edit

The original 16mm model film sequences for this story showing the exterior of the Ark, the shuttle taking off, and the Wirrn spacewalking. (7'10" | 4:3 | 1974)

New CGI Model Sequences Edit

The BBC Visual Effects department has remodelled certain shots from this story using cutting-edge CGI technology. The story can be viewed with these new effects replacing the original model shots. 3D Modelling & Animation: Nick Sainton-Clark, Mike Tucker (Visual Effects, BBC Resources); Digital Compositing: Ian Simpson (3D & Digital Effects, BBC Resources). (1'33" | 4:3 | 2002)

Space Station SchematicsEdit

A 3D technical schematic of the Ark. (1'09" | 4:3 | 2002)

BBC1 Trailer Edit

The trailer for the original 1975 BBC1 transmission of Part One. (0'51" | 4:3 | 1974)

Unused Title Sequence Edit

When Tom Baker took over the role, a new version of the show's title sequence was needed. Before the eventual sequence was decide on, another version was experimented with but never used. It is incuded here for the first time. (0'43" | 4:3 | 1974)

Photo Gallery Edit

A selection of rare and previously unpublished photographs from the recording of this story is included.

Production Subtitles Edit

Text commentary by Richard Molesworth providing cast details, script development and other information related to the production of this story.

TARDIS-Cam No.1 Edit

The first of six brand-new model sequences from BBCi's TARDIS-cam feature is included on this disc. Visual Effects Supervisor: Mike Tucker; Lighting Cameraman: Peter Tyler; Gaffer: Alan Graham; Editor: Jamie Cason; Commissioning Editor: Martin Trickey; Executive Producer: Richard Fell; Producer: James Goss. (1'24" | 16:9 | 2002)

Easter Eggs Edit

  1. Doctor Who Exhibition Promo #1. Go to the 'Special Features' menu, select 'Tom Baker Interview' and click left to highlight the hidden Doctor Who logo. (0'15" | 4:3 | 1974)
  2. Doctor Who Exhibition Promo #2. Let the credits play to the end during episode 4 and the egg will play automatically. (0'14" | 4:3 | 1974)
  3. Countdown Clock - Episode 2. Go to the 'Episode Selection' menu and click up to highlight the Doctor Who logo. (0'32" | 4:3 | 1974)

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Region 1 Exclusives Edit

Howard Da Silva Intros Edit

Howard Da Silva syndicated Time-Life introductions and closings narrations. Produced by T.J. Lubinsky. (15'27" | 4:3 | 1978)

Who's WhoEdit

Cast filmographies and biographies.