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Commentaries Edit

Episode 1 - An Unearthly Child: Commentary by William Russell (Ian Chesterton), Carole Ann Ford (Susan Foreman), Verity Lambert (Producer), Gary Russell (Moderator).

Episode 4 - The Firemaker: Commentary by William Russell (Ian Chesterton), Carole Ann Ford (Susan Foreman), Waris Hussein (Director), Gary Russell (Moderator).

Pilot Episode Studio Recording: Commentary by Verity Lambert (Producer), Waris Hussein (Director), Gary Russell (Moderator).

Pilot Episode Studio Recording Edit

An unedited 35-minute recording of the entire studio session for the untransmitted Pilot Episode, including studio clock and all the retakes. [Can be viewed with an optional commentary by producer Verity Lambert and director Waris Hussein. (35'39" | 4:3 | 1963)

Pilot Episode: An Unearthly Child Edit

An edited 25-minute version of the untransmitted Pilot Episode. A look at how all the studio recorded material would have best fitted together if this version had been chosen as suitable for transmission as the programme's opening episode. (25'06" | 4:3 | 1963)

Theme Music Video Edit

An opportunity to hear the full-length version of the original theme music, coupled with the original 1963 title sequence visual elements. Can be viewed in three differing versions - mono, stereo or 5.1 sound mixes. Doctor Who Theme Composed by: Ron Grainer; Realised by: Delia Derbyshire, BBC Radiophonic Workshop; Graphic Designer: Bernard Lodge; Remix Producer: Mark Ayres. (2'37" | 4:3 | 2006)

Comedy Sketches Edit

A selection of four short sketches, mostly themed around the early years of Doctor Who. From Mark Gatiss (The League of Gentlemen) and David Walliams (Little Britain) come three sketches from the BBC's Doctor Who Night in 1999: The Pitch of Fear, The Web of Caves and The Kidnappers. Meanwhile, The Corridor Sketch offers a glimpse at how the early Doctor Who may have looked with a different actor in the title role. (3'45" | 16:9 | 1999)

Photo GalleryEdit

A selection of rare and previously unpublished photographs from the recording of this story are included. Thanks To: Barry Newbery, BBC Photograph Library, Doctor Who Magazine, Derek Handley, Tony Clark. Special Sounds: Brian Hodgson. (6'03" | 4:3 | 2005)

Production SubtitlesEdit

Text commentary by Martin Wiggins providing cast details, script development and other information related to the production of this story.